Máquina de insuflado M99 DS

  1. La máquina versátil y compacta con alimentación monofásica de 230 V
  2. Alta movilidad y buena ergonomía
  3. Alta potencia de aire y velocidad de proceso
  4. Incluye telemando estándar

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Machine for processing loose insulation material approved by building regulations up to a packing density of approx. 155kg/m³ or loose bulkware up to 100kg/m³ bulk density. Authorised (CE) in all EU member states as well as in Switzerland.


Technical data:

  • Hopper volume: approx. 0.26 m³.
  • Airlock outlet: NW75 (3»)
  • Conveying pressure: max. 325 mbar.
  • Air flow (nominal/gauged): 440/350 m³/h.
  • Volume of material flow adjustable with airlock slide gate.
  • Delivery rate: up to 650kg/h.
  • Blower power 1.4 kW + 1.4 kW.
  • Motor power: ca. 0.75 Kw.
  • Total power: ca. 3.6 Kw.
  • Electrical connection: 220-240V~ / 50-60Hz , 16A or 10A with blower
  • Inside the insulation blowing machine, frequency guided drives are installed. The electrical connection must be made according to the applicable national electrical regulations.
  • Dimensions: approx. 640mm x 1400 mm (ØxH)
  • Unladen weight: appr. 111kg.
  • Airlock material: steel powder coated / plastic.


Scope of delivery:

Insulation blowing machine, 230V / 10m, 2.5 mm² connection cable, radio remote control FFB500 bidirectional and accessory case with the following:

  • KFB3-8p hand-held control (prod. No. 7851).
  • Control cabinet key.
  • Wrench SW24.
  • Hexagonal socket wrench SW13.
  • Pressure gauge with protective rubber cap.
  • Silicone spray.
  • Operating instructions.
  • Double open-ended spanner SW 10×13.


Serial no. M99G_______ (must be specified when placing order), operating hours: 2-6h (test run)

  • Machine control socket Contact 8+1 with rotary lock catch.


Optional extras:

    • Power generator XM4,5kW / 5,0kVA (prod. No. 9583)
    • Power generator XM6,0kW / 6,7kVA (prod. No. 9584)
    • Wrist carrying strap FFB500 L 26cm (prod. No. 7128)
    • Case for hand-held control (prod. No. 4716)
    • Sports case for hand-held control (prod. No. 5016)
    • Extension control cable L 25m (prod. No.2015)
    • Extension control cable L 50m (prod. No.2166)
    • Mains voltage display on the electrical switchboard (prod. No. 4604)
    • Suction drum V 115L/V 250L for cleaning/vacuuming purposes (prod. No. 1160/3075)
    • Support for bags (prod. No. 3474)
    • Intake socket 90° NW75 (3) (prod. No. 5614)
    • Material disturbing element to prevent bridging (prod. No. 6396)
    • Direct reduction NW75-63 (M99) (prod. No. 8968)


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